How to change wifi password cox

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  • Mar 20, 2020
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It is pretty standard that we feel that our bandwidth is being affected and a few people are using our wifi. WiFi-hacking may be a common practice, and other people use others' Internet without letting them know. This is often precisely why people change passwords quite often, and this can be an advisable practice. If you're a Cox subscriber, consider change wifi password Cox, through these simple and easy steps.
how to change wifi password cox with these provided steps
Firstly the cox wifi users got to click on the wireless network name, i.e. SSID.
Once this feature is selected, they're required to click on change and will then enter a new name for the wifi.
When the name is entered, the user is required to pick on save.
From there the user must attend the wireless password menu mentioned on its particular page.
Now within the given space, the user is supposed to enter the new password that they need to save for his or her wifi.
Lastly, when the new password is entered, the user is meant to select on saving to confirm the changes made within the password.