6 Benefits of Organic Food for your ESA

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  • Feb 13, 2020
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Usually, pet owners rely on big names ad brands for their animal’s food but, when it comes to giving full nutrition to your emotional support dog, nothing beats fresh organic food. Homemade organic food offers more benefits than the commercially prepared one. Commercial food is cooked and prepared at a very high temperature due to which most of its nutrients break down.

Want to know the benefits of feeding fresh and organic food to your emotional support animal? Read below.

  1. Your ESA will have Fewer Allergies

Animals that eat organic food have fewer allergies than the ones that eat commercially prepared food. Since commercial food is filled with additives and preservatives, they could cause a number of allergies to your animals.

With an organic food option, you can prevent all of this. This is especially true for the dogs and your emotional support cat who are prone to coughing and other seasonal allergies as with organic food they will have fewer allergy accidents.

  1. It will Help with Digestion

Some animals have digestive issues and these issues may heighten these issues. Digestive problems like gas, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea are sure signs of digestive issues in dogs. Since an organic diet is free and clean from any kind of chemicals, additives, and preservatives, it will be absorbed by your animal’s body in a better manner.

  1. Your ESA’s Health will Improve

Organic food alleviates the overall health of your animal. Store-bought and commercially prepared food is less dense in nutrients and has kore fillers like grains that are not even good for its health. Organic food is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, which make your animal’s skin and coat, eyes and immune system.

On an organic diet, your animal will be less susceptible to diseases and will have a lot more energy.

  1. It will have a Longer Lifespan

Being less prone to diseases means that your animal will have a longer and healthier life. Usually, animals die from poor health and diseases. Food plays a large role in maintaining your animal’s health and saving it from a number of diseases. High quality and organic food will leave less room for diseases and will improve their quality of life.

  1. It will keep your ESA at a Healthy Weight

Obesity is a harbinger of a number of other diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes. With organic food, your animal will not overeat, which also means that it will not be obese. Organic food is based on organic and high in protein ingredients like chicken, turkey, fresh vegetables and fruits. All of these will keep your animal full for longer.

  1. Your ESA will not Overeat

Animals have an excellent ability to get what their body needs from multiple sources. Like you must have heard that some dogs eat poop while others love to rampage their neighbor’s rubbish. This is because their food lacks some important nutrients and the body is trying to make up for it.

Similar goes for less nutritious food. When a dog feels that the food is not filling its required needs he will eat more. As a result, animal overeats. Since organic foods are free from fillers and empty calories, it will fill up your animal’s tummy faster and will provide all the important nutrients also.

With an ESA letter, you get a chance to live and travel with your animals for free but to make sure that you could have your animal for long, focus on what it eats and switch to an organic food diet.

Before getting your letter, check a free emotional support animal letter to be sure that you get the real thing.