Discuss A Detailed Overview of Capital Smart City

  • Gharbaar
  • Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Feb 03, 2020
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The capital smart city is a recently developed housing scheme on the Motorway in Islamabad. It is mainly sponsored by Future Development Holdings and Surbana Jurong, Singapore.

This society introduces a new housing model in Pakistan aimed at bringing housing standards in accordance with the modern world. 

It was launched on October 6, 2019, officially. However, the development work is still underway. 

Why Capital Smart City Is A Smart City?

The Capital Smart City is built on an exclusive Urban-management. Similarly, it is a crucial indicator of a revolution in Pakistan’s real estate industry. Such a deployment of modern technology and IT systems for providing public services makes it a smart city.

The major reason behind the development of this mega housing scheme is to raise living standards. Furthermore, it also aims to boost economic growth in the region. 

Special sensors and face recognition cameras are being installed. Similarly, there are some specific areas that will only be accessible through fingerprints or card scans. It is to assure the security of the citizens. 

Project Location

This mega society is located near to Thalian Interchange at about 9.2 KM distance from Motorway. It comes in Mouza Chahan and Mouza Mandwal.

Apart from this, the capital smart city is planned with a futuristic approach. It has fertile land with a large reservoir of water. Similarly, natural resources and the planned connectivity to major roads are also available.

Currently, the society is having access from Chakri Road and the Motorway interchange. However, it will be directly linked to the GT road once the Rawalpindi Ring Road project will be completed. These factors are driving people’s attention to this area.

NOC and Legal Status

The society is a legal and authorized housing project that has revised RDA NOCs. It was initially designed over an area of 55000 Kanals of land. 

Previously, the development work began over an area of about 15000 kanals of land. The rest of the development extends over time as the construction starts. 

FDHL has attained more than 80% of the total land. Also, it has purchased more land for future extensions.

Eco-Friendly Environment

On the other hand, this society is an eco-friendly project. Pioneers have given special attention to the preservation of natural beauty by developing parks, nurseries, and plantations. In addition, sophisticated technologies for the automatic disposal of waste are also being implemented.

Moreover, it is based on self-sustainability values that are used to curb water and air pollution. It helps to maintain a healthy environment for the people.

The Neighborhood

The area will operate as the potential hub for residential and commercial activities. Thus, it is located near the housing projects like CBR Town Phase 2, Blue World City, PIA Enclave, Al-Haram City, Bin Alam City, and FGEHF Thalian Housing Scheme.

This article has provided you with a detailed overview of this society. If you are planning to live a healthy and secure life, you should choose to live in Capital Smart City Islamabad.