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  • Blue World City
  • Jan 31, 2020
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Blue World City is sifted through on Lahore-Islamabad motorway M2 near the Chakri exchange. This cabin society is weaved by the Mumtaz City, Star Argo Farm, and Top City. Additionally, Islamabad Airport is acceptably open from this top level housing zone. It will in like manner be connected with Bahria Town, DHA, and Gulberg Green by structures for Rawalpindi Ring Road (after its fulfillment). All the developmental work is to be done by a Chinese progress and improvement affiliation, Mr. Shan Jian Engineering affiliations. This will make Blue World City as the first Pak-China private society in Pakistan.

Blue World City is the hotel society that necessities to give top level lodging working conditions at moderate expenses. It has gotten especially standard among people with a standard compensation in setting on its focal pack and sensible bits plan. The use of Modern Chinese Architectural structures will see this motel society from its foes. Its peppy earnest structure is promising a give clear outcome the responsiveness of all front line working conditions.

Coming up next are the striking features of Blue World City Rawalpindi.

Blue World City has gotten around 5000 Kanal from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. This general people will bind four shocking stages, while each stage will relatively segregate into the square and the plots of different sizes.

The total of the stages and squares of Blue World City will be interlinked with announced two-way ways. Its key streets will be 120ft and 80ft wide while its ways will be as wide as 40ft.

The total of its plots will be set in three express classes. Blue World City will offer private plots of 5,8,10 marlas. One and two Kanal plots will in like manner be open for private purposes. Four and eight Kanal plots will be offered for farmhouses. Five and eight marla plots will be open for business use.

Blue World City has offered three to four years of bit plans for its customers and experts. A 10%-12% downpayment is making the booking of plots. You will be astounded to fathom that you can book your plot in Blue World City with just Rs.80000/ - .

Blue World City Islamabad map has given one square only for the abroad Pakistanis. This square has vowed to fulfill the better guidelines of abroad Pakistanis. Obliged business and private plots are open right at present be passed on a starting late come, first serve premise.

Portion plan of Blue World City:

This super undertaking offers absolutely versatile part plans focused towards various bits of society.

The central system is for government workers and their families. Right now, are 9 groupings of plots open. In the private plot class, the most modest land group open is five marla and the best is spread over a zone of 2 kanals. In like manner, there are in like way farmlands open on zones of 2 kanals, 4 kanals, and 8 kanals. 5 marla and 8 marla business plots are in like way open with changing part costs.

Amped up for private plots?

By degrees of government specialists and their families, the early assembling for private plots is 80,000 PKR for 5 marlas, 114,000 PKR for 8 marlas, and 137,000 PKR for 10 marlas. Instead of this, for the general people, the basic part for private plots is 89,000 PKR for 5 marlas, 126,500 PKR for 8 marlas, and 152,000 PKR for 10 marlas.

Withdrawing for a farmhouse?

Blue World City is other than offering farmland open for complete having a spot. For government specialists and their families, the early pack for a 4 Kanal farmhouse is 720,000 PKR and 1,215,000 PKR for a 8 Kanal land spread for the farmhouse. Correspondingly, for the general masses, the immense part for a 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal farmhouse if 800,000 PKR and 1,350,000 PKR wholeheartedly.